Christine & Matt {Naval Academy Wedding)

Christine and Matt's wedding day marked a very significant day for my photography career.  It was the last wedding of my most filled year to date and I had such a feeling of accomplishment!  It was great to mark the occasion with someone I know from my past as well.  Christine and I rowed together in High School, constantly challenging one another through practices and races.  It was awesome to see her as this beautiful young woman she has become, and such an honor to capture her wedding day. 

Christine was exactly as I remember that goofy 16 year old, never taking herself too seriously.  It was so fun to see she found someone in Matt who was exactly the same way.  These two wanted nothing more than to have a blast on their wedding day, and they sure did!  Not only did they make sure to enjoy the day, their guests did as well.  The dance moves I saw bouncing around in front of the AWESOME band were so entertaining, especially to capture on camera :)

Christine and Matt, thank you so much for asking me to capture your wedding day.  I wish you many years of goofy happiness!!!