Catherine and Blake {Collingswood Ballroom Wedding}

Catherine and Blake’s wedding day was the epitome of romantic.  The gorgeous church of St. Joan of Arc in Marlton provided a stunning backdrop for the two to exchange their vows with the support of their many family and friends.  While we ran into a serious but quick moving thunderstorm during our bridal portraits, we made the best of it with some killer umbrella shots and got to explore the inner workings of Collingswood Ballroom and The Scottish Rite Theater!  Blake and Catherine were up for anything we suggested which made for the opportunity to get creative.  Take a look below at the incredibly fun and energy packed day!                                                                                                    


Second Shooting by Kathleen Roseboro Photography

Aimee & Alex {Naval Academy Wedding}

The amount of energy and pure joy that filled Aimee and Alex's wedding day was so vibrant!  They decided to celebrate their marriage with their huge support system back where it began, at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  Aimee and Alex had a great time reminiscing through the campus and their old stomping grounds.  (so much so, we snapped quite a few shots mimicking the old college days!)  Just check out the images, below, they tell a story of how fun this couple is!  Congratulations you two!

Judy & Ryan {Lakeside Manor Wedding}

The DETAILS!  That is the first thing I think about when describing Judy and Ryan's beautifully planned wedding day.  The details which ran through the whole day.  They referenced special memories (check out the charm on her bouquet) and were a reflection of Judy's personality.  I loved the color scheme, the cake, the speeches, and the undeniable support this couple has from such wonderful family and friends!  Wishing you both a life filled with love, laughter and Happily Emmons After!

Nicole & Corey {Hershey Country Club Wedding}

Record breaking rainfall...that's exactly what you want to hear the weather channel say when describing your wedding day right??  Even with that dismal forecast, I believe we lucked out quite a bit with Nicole and Corey's day.  Nicole was a not deterred with the weather, and took it on with full force, having umbrellas at the ready and just a go with the flow outlook!  Each time we went out for photos, it stopped raining, and to top it off, the sun set just as a rainbow appeared!

Thank you to Nicole and Corey for asking me to capture your wedding!